Earl Percy


Blue sable merle, blue eyes


Percy is our handsome stud. He is very laid back for a Border, though he likes to run and play with the others, and especially enjoys stealing the frisbee from them. He will go fetch it, but is not real keen on returning it to me. (Probably my fault for not playing with him/training him much when he was a pup.)

He does have a stubborn streak, but he's not timid, and he's very friendly. Herding is not his thing; he will tag along, but he doesn't really get into the action much. Percy helps balance the high energy of our females and his pups are very colorful and sturdily built. He frequently produces blue eyes, especially in his merle puppies. While he's not the smartest Border Collie, he is a good pet with enough drive to be a fun frisbee dog or active companion.

Percy is genetically tested negative for the following common disorders: CEA, IG-S, TNS, MDR1, NCL5, and SN. This means that none of his puppies will ever be affected by these recessive disorders, since they cannot inherit a copy of the gene from him. He is also negative for the gene responsible for hereditary glaucoma.