Chocolate/ white (carries dilute)

    Cocoa (Jax x Flora) is the intensely energetic, lovable, and outgoing junior member of the Border collie pack. She has never met a stranger and can be a little overly friendly at times, especially if you will throw a ball, stick, or frisbee for her. She has a goofy side, but her intense focus and drive is a joy to behold when there is a frisbee or ball in prospect. She has never had much opportunity to herd since we moved away from the original farm in Florida about the time she would have started, but I think she would be a better agility or disc dog than herder anyway. 

     Cocoa is very sensitive and forgiving. Due to life circumstances when she was a pup, I didn't do nearly as much training with her as with the other dogs, but in spite of that, she has turned out well. She has adapted extremely well to Alaska and loves going on long runs behind the four wheeler or taking walks with us in the neighborhood. She is not a wanderer and usually stays right next to or behind me when we are out walking, and she doesn't wander away from the property either when we leave her loose in the yard. 

     Cocoa has a feisty side to her fun-loving personality. She is our smallest Border collie, weighing in at around 35-40 lbs, but that doesn't stop her from being best friends with Chief, Luke's 110+ lb German Shepherd. We joke that Cocoa is Chief's chew toy because of the way he tumbles her around when they're roughhousing in the yard, but once she has enough of it, she can put Chief on the ground. (This usually happens what I'm throwing a frisbee and he's slowing her down by trying to wrestle when she's trying to go catch the frisbee.) They are always the best of friends, though, and we enjoy watching them together. 

     Cocoa’s sire, Jax, is very similar to her in personality and is related to our Cleone, the matriarch of our pack. Jax (owned by Dixie Sky BC’s) is an avid frisbee chaser, active companion dog, and the father of many great puppies, including some of our most successful past litters. Flora, Cocoa’s mother, is here at NSBC’s and has her own page

     Cocoa is clear by parentage for most common Border collie disorders. Clear for: CEA, TNS, SN, MDR1, NCL5, and Glaucoma.  Not yet screened for IG-S. (See the bottom of Flora's page for more info.)