Picking a Puppy

Buying a Puppy - Picking a Puppy

     Puppies are adorable, especially Border Collie puppies, and it can be easy to get swept into a hasty decision when you're looking at those adorable little eyes, being tickled by puppy kisses, and feeling that soft, warm fur. However cute and sweet that puppy is, though, it is important that you make an informed, careful decision, for both your sake and your potential new puppy's. Border Collies have an extremely high energy and intelligence level, and while this makes them a fun breed to own and train, this can also mean they are not the easiest breed because they require lots of interaction from their owners in order to be happy.

Kora (Percy x Flora)

Puppy Maverick (Percy x Flora, owned by Brittany B. in FL.)

     Contrary to popular belief, Border Collies do not have to constantly be physically exercising in order to be happy. Mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercise - more so, in fact. A trained, mentally stimulated Border Collie, that views its owner as a strong pack leader, is a happy Border Collie. Every dog is an individual, however, and some Border Collies are more chill and happy in a relaxed, family pet role, while others are happiest if they have a more strenuous job to do, and they are talented workers or sport dogs. Sometimes both types of dogs can come from the same litter, and they usually begin to display the characteristics of their temperaments and talents within a few weeks of birth. For this reason we have implemented a method of picking puppies that allows buyers to still choose the puppy they want, while giving them the benefit of our experience as breeders and the advantage of time to observe the puppy's temperament and personality.

Maverick (Percy x Flora) Owned by Brittany B.

Adult Maverick (Percy x Flora, owned by Brittany B. in FL.)

     Instead of choosing a puppy at birth based on color and markings, we allow buyers to pick their puppies at around four weeks of age. This gives us and buyers an opportunity to choose the right puppy for the job based on their temperament. We take deposits for puppies anytime before picking up a puppy. We are happy to take a deposit for a puppy even before it is born, but instead of placing a deposit on a specific puppy, a buyer places a deposit on a "picking position," so you can place a deposit on first pick, male or female, second pick male/ female, etc. First picks are more expensive because they are naturally the most desirable. A $200 deposit holds your place. This deposit is not typically refundable except for the death of a puppy, which is a virtually unheard-of occurrence in our breeding program. Our goal is always to pair puppies and buyers so that both are as happy as they can be. Please contact us if you think one of our puppies might be an ideal fit for you!