Healthy, friendly Border Collies from working lines.

Our Border Collies are healthy, beautiful, athletic family pets and companions, and it is our goal to raise puppies just like them.

About us: From FLorida to Alaska
We have been raising Border Collies since 2017. The first litter, from my first two Borders,  Duncan and Cleone, were born shortly before Hurricane Irma swept across Florida. We, along with several other families, left our mobile home and sheltered from the storm in our church, and  Duncan, Cleone, and their six pups came along with us (much to the delight of all the children.) Since that stormy beginning, we raised more litters, gradually expanding our bloodlines and health testing. SandSpur Ranch Border Collies became fairly well-known in Florida, and we enjoyed  the opportunity to raise great family dogs and share them with others.

     When we moved to Alaska, various friends and family members told us (politely) that we were a bit crazy for bringing all the dogs along, but we never hesitated. They were family pets and valuable breeding dogs from good lines. It took a lot of time and effort to collect the pack we had, and they  needed to come along with us. So we made the trip together. I would not want to repeat that trip, but we are so glad  we brought the pack along. They've adapted to Alaska far better than we expected, and they seem to really like it up here, just like we do. Border collies are a highly adaptable as well as intelligent breed, and they love to be with "their people," so they are ideal dogs for a state where the great outdoors is only a step away. We look  forward to experiencing more and more of this great state, and we hope to include the dogs in as much of that exploration as possible.
And who knows? Maybe your future companion for adventure - or your right-hand farm dog - or your family pet - will come from one of our litters. These dogs are carefully selected for good temperament, health, beauty, and drive so that they will produce  puppies worthy of the great breed we call Border Collies.
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